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Did You Pay Uncle Sam Too Much?

Amend your tax return and get money back!!


Nine commonly overlooked deductions and credits:

Education credits apply to many job skills improvement courses in addition to students post-secondary education tuition.  These credits are not just for students.

Minnesota allows deductions for various grade and high school costs such as music lessons, music instrument rental, tutoring, private school tuition, and up to $200 for computer software and/or hardware.

Tax credits apply to childcare incurred in order to work or go to school.

Upon refinancing a home mortgage, points previously incurred on the original mortgage, and not yet deducted, may be completely deducted in the year of refinancing.

Charitable contributions include volunteer activities such as vehicle mileage, meals and lodging, etc.  Non-cash contributions include the value of food, used clothes and household effects given to charity and the costs of an exchange student living in your home.

The refundable earned income credit may be claimed even though you incurred a self-employment loss.
Did you report a gain from an insurance company demutualization reorganization in 2006 to 2010?  If so, you may be due a tax refund.

Elderly parents cared for by you may qualify as your dependent, or medical costs paid by you for them may be deductible by you.

Businesses may claim a tax credit for expenditures incurred to make a business accessible to disabled individuals.

Let us review your tax return and amend it to get your money back!  No obligation unless we file an amended return for you!  Give us a call at (763) 295-4800 or send us an e-mail to request more information.


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